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released September 30, 2016

recorded mixed and mastered by ron francisco at monopond drums percussion cellphone shortwave radio by jao bernardo bass kalimba recorder by kevin enriquez vocals guitars synthesizer words by itos ledesma guitars zvex fuzz factory electric toothbrush by jojo sibal simulated megaphone on track 4 by rome gomez saxaphone on track 9 by megumi acorda album art by lesley-anne cao



all rights reserved
Track Name: Throwing TEETH Slip/Paralysis [[[We Do Not Get Paid To Guess; help me?
one day i will RETURN HERE to throw my teeth in ALL directions and life under the glass the viscera and other poems crooked streaks and yr limpid secrets i know yr nervous breath constricted gait RETIRED demons this TROUBLED HISTORY I KNOW yr candy wife yr trophy god one day the sun will SHIVER its sweat will drip a glaring texture and sleep behind the curtain yr HALO DRIPS down yr euphoria a SWARM OF HORNETS INFECTED circuit i know yr tired eyes yr EMPTY MOUTH truncated cycle cracks in THE SCRIPTURE i know yr sacred TEXT yr hollow BLOOD i'm loyal to death i'm loyal to fate i'm loyal to everyone i HATE
Track Name: idiot THE BODY BETRAYS ITSELF (adj. & obj.). no one deserves happiness
my SPECTRE hangs from the GALLOWS the rarest bird on the island disquiet screams from the windows the darkling flesh in the office the NOISY WORM called the conscience my sunken chest filled with flowers when all the people are purple the MASTURBATION ETERNAL shine a light through my HEAD AMUSE yrself with shadow puppets literate and jaded bathing in the muddy water ring around the rosy DDDANCING in a FIELD OF bodies now the king of NOTHING looking for an organ donor in failing lungs all the SKIN TURNS still every tendon is shattered my parents cling to my elbows their plague will fly every morning the structure scented with semen my ANKLES SWELLING in trouble if all the KNIGHTS go for evil yr stupid tongue on the PAVEMENT
Track Name: The Two eyes are NOT BROTHERS Afrayed OF ADMITTING week/( )ness how r u you if the is IS is
i smoke to KEEP THE WASPS away the FACE OF GOD in the window with its fucking glare the trauma flares when yr sleeping until the myth grants us ACCESS to our psychic wounds THE DEVIL smiles in the mirror IN THE SECRET HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING i threw my head in the ocean and now my body dissolves into a million lights i feel my consciousness COUGH i am an army of everyone i've met but everywitness is FALSE my reflection reveals itself in splinters
my lilting flower i can feel you from the inside out the only problem is you are not what we're looking for right now my trembling FINGER i can hear you from a mile away you are so NARROWLY CIRCUMSCRIBED within the confines of space i don't want to really give up the ghost unless i have to for the GREATER GOOD
Track Name: perhAPS nude EITHER/ as speculated' IF YOU CAN PUT YOUR FINGERS THRU, IT IS GATE
in the middle of the sentence THE PUNCTUATION MARKS DANCE i'll steal your complicated language to write of modern man AND HIS CONTEMPORARY baggage you gain permission to exist when you're robbed of information in the perennial dialectic you draw attention to yourself but i don't think you really want it you scribble letters on your FOREHEAD and pull the wool over the eyes AND NOW THE CRACKS IN THE EGO begin to complicate the scene instead of generating MEANING THE PALE FIRE frees i'll use you as a mirror to define myself i'll keep you in a box despite myself and think of how the memory refutes itself and all these flailing bodies ABUSE THEMSELVES TO death
Track Name: RINGS of SATURN unwanted gesticulations && // Eternal Lyf 4Ever
in a casket in her backpocket i feel my hands around my throat in middecember the TIRED MILLENNIUM will start to function like a GHOST resounding in my skull a body fractured a body ruined sometimes a bodys like a joke an image drowning in the hive of spirits concentric cries eccentric jolts there are things i cant admit there are things i cant allow the SPYDERS rising from the pit and slowly crawling out my mouth in an instant a million daggers cld borrow time to slit yr throat in the echo chamber snakes slither sleepless they reunite and lead a host of fornicating rays of light the body poisoned and without organs until the ocean claims us all a truth fragmented the fragments lost in a pile of broken bones oh my lover wont you rings of SATURN as i decide to sink into the sun i shed my skin for wayward yearning and you write songs to RAISE THE DEAD walking backwards into new religion i DDDance the future on yr flesh oh my lover oh my atomic structure perennial sickness in my head
Track Name: PLastiC Par0)))dy of Thirty-Six P0)))ems (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
on the mountaintop the flowers sing IN D-MINOR and with glassy eyes they will expose their own weaknesses in the candlelight they seem to fade into the background yeah and the hanged man laughs insipid letters drip from the tongue in the naked light the sunbeams fleeing from the MOUTH OF GOD what a twisted sound electric coughs and sempiternal howls upon the hallowed ground the evening shadows forming cursive shapes i don't seem to mind the dagger floats in its abstraction yeah beneath the salt and fire the prophet rises from the canyon's maw and the ashes fall the lizards writhing in my stomach tonight still boredom calls the plastic children in single file MY REFLECTION WALKS the mangled corpse that speaks in riddles
Track Name: TRACK ONE what a MISS traa<< to have EVER sad the "id"^^^
MY SHADOW wriggles like an earthbound ghost these are the things that i would like the most unsex the phantom and the pointless waste INHALE THE MOUNTAIN and to run in place this is existence into which you're THROWN the larval state in which your spirit groans the BASTARD king that will usurp the throne all NECESSARILY FICTION
Track Name: moon moon [TO MY OTHER SELF!!!] #Drowning #Microwave I. Decay.
you were once a RADIANT stranger that figured dimly in the back but when i felt my STOMACH SEETHING you kept yr hand over my mouth you were just AN APPARITION trembling vaguely in my wounds until i took you to THE RIVER to exorcise yr bleeding ghost as the night bleeds into morning i can't move OUTSIDE yr space assign the strangest appellations to the movement in yr brain i can't shake this subtle feeling that settles deep beneath my veins i can't take these LIMBS FOR GRANTED i can't say it to yr face
Track Name: WhiTE goD All Maps Fold Intwo... {x} Everything Becomes Part ofEVERYTHING else
when my TWO HEADS turn against each OTHER i may just welcome the prospect when my TWO HEADS turn against each other what a glorious sound they'll make the sun in ALL MY EYES and dirt between my teeth the bitter taste of ASH how the light bends so SOFTLY